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for Parents, Students, and Educators

Educational issues are a big subject today.  We can help you with them.  With experience in education legal matters, we can assist you with:

For Parents and Students we can assist with:

  • Issues in Public, Private and Charter Schools
  • Suspension and Expulsion
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Special Education Matters
  • Truancy and Attendance Issues
  • Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Due process and Other Constitutional Protections
  • Discrimination
  • Injury
  • Grievances
  • Membership in Clubs and Honors Programs
  • Sports Participation
  • Graduation and Course Credit
  • Colleges and Universities, Proprietary Schools, Trade Schools
  • Dismissal from school or program
  • Grade Appeals and Challenges
  • Allegations of Cheating and Plagiarism
  • Allegations of student misconduct
  • Student Records and Transcripts
  • Course and Graduation Disputes

For Teachers we can assist you with:

  • Accusations of misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment and Molestation
  • Investigations
  • Freedom of Speech, Press and Assembly
  • Due Process Violations
  • Grievances, Hearings, Litigation and Appeals
  • Retaliation for filing Worker's Compensation
  • Discrimination


(210) 372-8308 

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