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Dealing with legal issues can be overwhelming. Don't let the complexities of the system stop you from taking advantage of your rights. At the Law Offices of Carl Covert, you can expect to be treated with one-on-one attention and the respect you deserve. Carl Covert is dedicated to helping his clients through the intricacies of contracts, copyright, trademarks, and much more—all for a competitive rate. Contact Mr. Covert today by phone or email to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. He looks forward to working with you toward your legal goals.

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The Law Offices of Carl Covert is a small boutique law firm in San Antonio, TX. Our owner and copyright attorney, Carl Covert, has more than 30 years of experience in the legal world. His experience is truly global—he's had clients from as far away as Asia and Europe. Prior to opening his own firm, Mr. Covert worked with a publishing company for over two decades. This career provided him with valuable insight into copyright law and related fields. Today, he is known for his speed in drafting contracts, his professional demeanor, and the prioritization of his clients' needs.

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(210) 372-8308

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