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Publishing Law

An experienced publishing attorney can assist you in the effective selection, management, protection, and enforcement of your copyrighted material.

We have more than 30 years of experience with large publishing houses. We have negotiated and drafted author agreements, consulting agreements, and royalty agreements. Additionally, we can assist you with the transfer of rights in your copyrighted material. Our experience has provided us with all aspects of the publishing of materials in the United States and abroad. Below is a list of the legal services we can provide you with your materials:

  • Review and Draft Licensing, Self publishing, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Publishing, and Author Agreements
  • Make sure you receive the appropriate royalty
  • Perfect, Exploit, and Maintain Your Rights
  • Review and Draft Assignments
  • Review and Draft Transfers of Rights
  • Review and Draft Licenses Back
  • Review and Draft Author Agreements license and/or royalty agreements.


(210) 372-8308 

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